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James is extremely professional and hard working. He was very helpful and gave me a lot of great tips and insight into helping me work with my anxiety and busy life. I would definitely recommend his services!


I’ve been working with James for over a year now, and he is always very attentive and gives great feedback. He provides a safe space to be open and honest and is great with talking things through. He has helped me find and practice techniques to calm my anxiety and panic attacks, and that has helped me in everyday life. He never pushes any topics that I’m uncomfortable with, but also knows when a something should be addressed. I’ve been able to discover a lot about myself mentally, and that’s something I’m very thankful for.


Visiting with James is so refreshing. After sessions I would often feel that we had accomplished something. By far my favorite person I have ever talked to, James has a calming energy and environment to make you feel comfortable.


James is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. He’s the most comforting, flexible, and available therapist I’ve had, and is just a pleasure to be around. His ability to be connected to through email and text lets me talk to him whenever I need to, and he always answers. James is very patient as well; I’ve had issues with following his recommendations, and he never hesitated to offer me alternative solutions and show confidence in me. I’m so happy to be his client, and I don’t know what I’d do without him.

James has been a lifeline for me while I have been in college out of state. I always feel like I am in a safe space free to discuss what I want without judgement. I cherish my time with him and I feel his other clients will too.


My visit with this professional was excellent. He really listens and manages to keep up with how I communicate things, managing to catch the things I say that may not be important to me when I say them, but end up being vital to my growth and healing. I like how adamant he is about the sessions he has with each his clients: no interruptions, and setting up an environment that best suits the relationship between him and his client at the time. I recommend this professional, especially to those who are first timers to therapy.


James is one of the most amazing professionals I’ve ever met! He is incredibly adaptive to all situations, and personalities. He has a true gift for getting people to see the positive in any situation. He has an incredibly calming nature that makes every interaction with him great, especially in a therapeutic setting. He has truly helped me change my life and helped me become a better version of my self. I am forever grateful for the work he does in the space he has created for me in his office.

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